Training your dog is one of many ways to keep it busy. Sometimes, it can be very useful to keep your dog calm. Energetic dogs should learn to be patient with their owners when they need to. Here are 5 useful commands you can teach your dog!

Naughty dog - Lying dog in the middle of mess in the kitchen

Leave it

Keeping your dog away from things it shouldn’t touch can be hard. Therefore, you should train your dog not to touch things it shouldn’t.

This can help the dog stay away from the possible mess, chewing shoes, playing with toilet paper, and many more naughty things. Even if the dog looks you with cute puppy eyes after the mess, you should let him know he did a wrong thing.

Leave it command is also useful to keep your dog away from eating toxic food. There are many toxic vegetables that dogs should not eat but are easily accessible in the garden.

Happy and cheerful puppy playing fetch with toy bone at backyard lawn


Teach your dog to come will save a lot of time. Dogs are curious pets, they love exploring the environment. Therefore, it’s not uncommon for them to run around and sniff everything. If you are in a hurry, you probably don’t have time for catching your dog. A simple “come” command will make your dog run towards you.

Another example of this command may come in handy is when your dog is where it shouldn’t be. You should use it when your dog runs into a street where cars are driving or in a neighbourhood full of other angry dogs. It will save your furry friend from trouble. It can also be useful if you want to keep your dog away from small children.

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This is a very simple command that can calm your dog. It’s useful when there are kids around that are afraid of dogs. Besides, it’s probably the easiest command on this list to teach your dog.

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It can be used as an alternative to “come” and “stay” when you simply want your dog to stay calm. While driving your dog to a vet, you’d like him to sit or lay down in the backseat rather than jumping around.

Furry brown and black puppy laying down next to treats

Lay down

Unlike training your dog to sit on command, teaching it to lay down is hard. This is because your dog will need to move most of its body and realize it. Therefore, while teaching your dog to do this, it will most likely just bend its front body down. However, if you keep trying hard, the dog will learn how to lay down and never forget it.

This command is very useful and important to keep your dog safe. It’s because the dog will become more obedient and calm. By telling him to lay down, you can prevent the dog from hurting itself while running. Therefore, it’s very recommended.

Smart Puppy Looking at Owner


This is another hard command, but very useful. It may be easier to train less-energetic dogs on how to stay down. It’s a self-control command and it’s very recommended for your dog to learn how to sit before proceeding with this one.

Teaching your dog to stay is useful because it can prevent many injuries or unwanted behaviour. It’s also useful to calm down your dog before putting it on a leash. Otherwise, it may run away and hurt itself or others.

Beautiful woman playing with dog on the bed


There are many commands you can teach your dog. I highly suggest starting with an easier one, such as teaching your dog to sit down. Your dog’s safety should be the top priority. Commands listed in this article can be useful in keeping your dog safe and out of trouble.

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