Commonly, people grow fruit in their backyard. Whether it’s a herbaceous plant or a tree, toxic fruit to dogs can easily be eaten by them.

Dogs love exploring and sniffing new things they find and this also applies to fruit. An apple can randomly fall from a tree and a dog may eat it, but is it healthy for him?

In this food article, we will explore some of the fruits commonly seen in the kitchen that are healthy to humans, but toxic to dogs.

Avocado core is toxic to dogs


Persin is a poisonous substance produced within avocado fruits, roots, leaves, and plant itself – making avocado toxic fruit to dogs.

Therefore, the dog has easy access to chewing its leaves and getting toxins into its digestive system by doing so.

If you are keeping avocados in your home, or even growing them, make sure your dog cannot get to it.

However, if your dog gets an avocado and starts to chew it, the worst-case scenario may be getting avocado seed stuck somewhere in its throat. This is not good for two reasons:

  • It will be hard to get it out of the dog
  • Seed with sharp chewed edges may harm throat tissue
  • It may cause vomiting, coughing or maybe even choking

In this case, you should lift the dog’s back legs and gently keep shaking them. By doing this, you are helping the dog to get the seed out of his throat.

In the case of avocado seed getting stuck in the dog’s intestines or stomach, you should take it to the veterinarian immediately. This is because seed or any other type of blockage object in the stomach may be fatal for a dog’s life.


Although a small amount of persin would not do any significant harm, a higher amount may cause vomiting and diarrhea to dogs, or may even harm their heart by causing myocardial damage.


If your dog ingested this toxic fruit seed, you should transport it to a local veterinarian for a check-up, just in case the throat gets damaged.

In that case, the dog should eat soft food until the throat gets fully healed. This will reduce swallowing pain.

It’s a good idea to monitor your dog for a day or two after a veterinarian check, just to ensure the dog is healthy.

Dog snout between toxic grapes to it


Grapes in any color or dried grapes (raisins) are very toxic fruit to your dog.

Eating this may cause kidney failure and even be fatal.

It’s still unknown which substance is exactly toxic in grapes to dogs.


After eating grapes, your dog may vomit a lot throughout the day and night.

This will exhaust the dog a lot, making it look tired and depressed.

The dog may lose its appetite, have diarrhea within 1-3 hours of grape ingestion, and get dehydrated.

The amount of grape eaten compared to the dog’s size may make the symptoms’ intensity vary. Therefore, a single grape will have a lot more impact on small dogs rather than the big ones.

These symptoms are common and may be a sign of other illnesses your dog may have.


Unfortunately, the worst that can happen if your dog is left untreated is the fatal end.

Sudden kidney failure may occur, thus complicating the illness and putting your dog to a higher risk.


Take your dog to a veterinarian immediately.

This is because this illness shares symptoms with other, multiple illnesses that may be fatal as well.

The veterinarian may take care of the dog by inducing vomiting in order to remove grapes from the dog’s stomach.

If you are doing this on your own, do not induce vomiting if your dog has trouble breathing.

Bowl of macadamia nuts is toxic to your dog

Macadamia nuts

Macadamia is a nut that’s been popular in various kitchen recipes over the years.

Originating from Australia, a low quantity of these tree nuts may make your dog sick.

It can hurt your dog’s health in any form – raw, roasted, ground, or being a meal ingredient.

Chocolate bars (also toxic) are commonly filled with different nuts, including macadamia.


After ingesting these nuts, your dog may start shaking, shivering, or trembling.

Such symptom may also indicate your dog is in pain or having nausea.

Therefore, the dog may also vomit, have a high temperature, and being weak in its back legs – meaning it may get tired and not walking.

Pieces of previously mentioned nuts may also be found in the dog’s stool.


The most common cause is people being irresponsible by leaving macadamia nuts or other food containing them left open.

This may happen at dinner, movie night, party, or just someone throwing chocolate coated with these nuts and dog finding it.

Another common cause is macadamia cookies left out of the oven to cool down.


If caught early enough, you or your local veterinarian may induce the dog to vomit.

By doing so, the dog will get macadamia nuts out of the body from ingesting – preventing some of the symptoms.

You may also use active charcoal, which will reduce food absorption in the dog’s stomach.

In case the dog has developed a fever, the medicine may be given in order to stabilize it.

After treating your dog, make sure to prevent him from macadamia nut ingestion in the future.

Peaches in a bowl increase dog toxicity

Persimmons, Peaches, and Plums

The biggest issue with mentioned dog toxic fruit is seed or pit in the center. It’s big and can cause blockage in your dog’s small intestine.

Some pits, as in peach and plum, contain cyanide. Such a compound is poisonous both to people and dogs.


The dog may cough and his stomach or throat may be in pain from pit scratches.


Fruit pit may also have sharp edges, which may damage the dog’s mouth, tongue, tooth, and scratch its throat.


You should send your dog to a veterinarian to check him. If there is a blockage, scratch or other issue caused by the mentioned fruit’s pits veterinarians will make sure to heal the dog and make it fully recover.


You should always take care of your dog and make sure it does not have access to food that might be harmful to it.

Make sure to put a fence on your garden, if you have any, to make sure the dog cannot enter and eat toxic vegetables or fruit.

There are plenty of healthy snacks you can give to your dog.

Read which dog food is the healthiest in order to feed your dog more carefully.

Be responsible. Your dog’s life depends on it.

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