Natural disasters affect everyone, including your pets. If you live in a hurricane-prone area, you will need to make certain that you protect your dog from the unique health concerns that can arise during a storm. During a hurricane, dogs are exposed to many of the same dangers as people. Being prepared will keep your pet safe both during and after the storm.

Make an Emergency Plan for Your Dog

Long before disaster strikes, your family should have an emergency plan in place. A good emergency plan includes making decisions such as where you will go in the event of an evacuation, how you will communicate with each other if you become separated, and what you will do if you are unable to return home after the storm. For your pets, your emergency plan should also include designating a caregiver – such as a trusted neighbor – who can look after your pets if you are unable to reach them during an emergency. You can also place a rescue alert sticker on your front door to notify first responders that there are pets inside your home who need to be evacuated.

Whether you decide to evacuate or stay in your home during a hurricane or other natural disaster, it is important to have an emergency kit prepared for your dog. Your kit should include all the essentials your pup will need to ride out the storm, including:

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