Knowing how to relax a dog can prolong its life. Anxiety is not an uncommon illness among dogs. In fact, many stray dogs feel anxious because they are not treated well. Other dogs may feel anxious from being abandoned. Uncaring pet owners may hit their dog and as a result – make it anxious.

If a dog is stressed, it will show symptoms. The most common emotion caused by anxiety is fear. Anxious dogs may bite, attack, bark, or run. Simply said, fearful dogs can make others afraid. Fortunately, this can be treated. Every dog, no matter how fearful or aggressive, can become cuddlesome.

Dog walker strides with his pet on leash while walking at street pavement

Relax your dog by exercising

Exercising or any other kind of activity is beneficial for your dog. It relieves stress and increases its energy.

Walk together

Walking your dog can be fun for both of you. Besides, dogs like exploring. Visiting new places, parks or roads can be very fun for your dog.

Visit dog parks

After your dog has became familiar with walking, you can try taking him to a dog park. There, it will meet new dogs and develop its social skills. However, this may not always be a good idea. Therefore, make sure your dog is in a good company and safe. I suggest you meet him with other dogs similar to its size.

Play fetch

Getting your dog a new toy can bring a whole new world of joy to him. New toys, especially chewy ones help your dog feel more relaxed. You don’t have to buy the toy – you can make it yourself. Try doing so by combining a rope with an old tennis ball. Then, let your dog sniff it and throw it away. The dog will be interested in this new “thingy” and will try to find it. You can scent it with bacon to boost dog excitement.

Man petting a black dog on the grass

Make the dog feel loved

Your top priority should be to make the dog feel cared for. However, this may be hard in the beginning. Pets adopted from a bad environment can have a hard time trusting someone new. As a result, the dog may bite you if you come near. This behavior usually doesn’t last more than a few days. The dog will soon realize it’s safe. Then, it will become calmer.

Always approach the dog slowly. You can also sit or lay down so the dog does not feel threatened. Another way to make the dog feel safer is to pet him from below. Petting the dog from above (from the top of his head) may associate it with violence. Start petting the dog from its chest, slowly around the neck. Proceed by petting it below and on its cheeks.

One more option is to feed the dog. This may relax a dog and make it trust you a little bit more. Make sure not to touch the dog while it’s eating. You can also try giving it food from the hand. I suggest you give your dog healthy food that is rich in nutrients.

3 year old Boston terrier is lying down on a massage table while receiving a therapeutic massage

Try massaging your dog

Massage reduces stress and lowers blood pressure. It makes both you and your dog feel good. On top of that, it lasts just a few minutes! Massaging your dog is easy to learn.

Make sure to feel everything under the dog’s coat. Meet its muscles, fat, and bones. You will get to know your dog’s body by doing this. Then, you will be able to notice differences in the surface. Those can be small bumps or tight muscles. Ensure that you massage those areas properly. Anxiety may cause tension in the muscles. Therefore, make sure to get rid of it. Always start slowly and gently.

Massaging also reduces painful and sore muscles. It is very beneficial to dog’s physical health. The recommended massage time is about 10 minutes.

Cute young small dog listening sitting on the sofa with headphones. Looking at the camera, pets indoors and music concept

Play your dog calming music

Music has been popular with humans for centuries. It relieves stress and makes us happy. Turns out it does the same to dogs! Other pets like cats and hamsters also enjoy music. However, not just any music.

Did you know that not all dogs have the same personalities? Some may be more prone to anxiety than others. View Bernese Mountain Dog – Breed Information, Personality, and Pictures on Vivo Tail.

There is specific music for dogs. It involves tones that make dogs feel relaxed. Just Googling music for dogs will show you many songs. Most dogs prefer classical music genre. It can help relax a dog in tense situations. Loud sounds like cars and trucks can make dogs feel anxious. Classical music can make dogs ignore these sounds.

Consider playing your dog these songs:

  • Chopin – Nocturne No.2, Op.9
  • Erik Satie – Gymnopédie No.1
  • Beethoven – Moonlight Sonata (first movement)
  • Bill Evans – Peace Piece

Beagle dog sleeping at home on the bed

Allow it to have free space

Your dog may need some silence. Common loud noises can make the dog stressful. You can try isolating it to a silent place. A quiet, dark room with low lights is perfect. You may play the dog some classical music too.

Give your dog some alone time. This is ideal if the dog is always surrounded by noise. Children may drain your dog’s energy. Sometimes, everyone needs to rest. This is not a good idea if your dog has separation anxiety. In that case, you should not leave it alone.

Yorkshire terrier in a sweater in autumn park

Put on dog-calming clothing

Clothing designed for dogs can relieve anxiety. Soft, lightweight sweaters are a good choice. Such clothing makes dogs feel protected and warm. However, it may take some time to become a habit. Dog clothing is also a good choice in winter or autumn. Dogs should always stay warm. Just make sure that clothing doesn’t tighten the dog.

There are many calming dog clothing on the market. Some of them are good, some are not. The main issue is matching the dog’s size. You may consider knitting the dog sweater. Get the dog’s length and belly size. Use these measures to knit your dog a sweater. Consider knitting it a little bigger than the dog’s actual size. It will make the dog feel more comfortable.

How can I know if my dog is not relaxed already?

You can recognize anxiety in your pet by its behavior. If your dog is energetic and playful, it is probably not anxious. However, there are some strong signs that can mirror anxiety.

If your dog is shaking or whimpering, it may be a sign of stress. Prolonged yawning and rapid blinking are other symptoms. Increased shedding than usual is a common sign of stress. Anxious dogs may also refuse to eat. They may escape or hide somewhere quiet. If you recognize these signs, make sure to take action immediately.


Knowing how to relax a dog properly will make it happy. It also has the potential to prolong its life. You should never take dog anxiety lightly. It weakens the dog’s body. This will make the dog an easier victim for illnesses. Stay active with your dog to make it strong and happy!

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